Strawcat (strawcat) wrote in moraltheory,

War and Morality

Under what circumstances is it morally permissible to declare war on another country? Is there such thing as a moral obligation to invade a foreign country whose government is perceived to oppress its people, or is this out of the jurisdiction of other nations? For those of you who are pacifists, what is to be done about human rights violations around the globe that are not merely isolated incidents but are in some way systemic? Can this be mitigated by protest alone, or is some invervention that may likely result in violence justified?

I've sometimes heard it implied that war somehow stands outside of morality, that moral reasons are not required to engage in war and that the justification for war is strictly pragmatic. Is it the case that wars are inevitable, perhaps owing to human nature, limited resources, ect? If you believe so, how is it that we can derive a solid distinction between conflict at the international and intra-national levels, with the former being amoral and the latter normally being thought to answer to justice and morality?
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